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Battle Of The Adaptations: Book Or Movie?

Always read the book first, but that doesn't mean the movie won't be better.

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1. The Hunger Games: Book

With high expectations, The Hunger Games was a pleasant adaptation from page to screen, but the book still beats it by having that spark that started it all.

2. Fight Club: Movie

The twisted novel and movie have some serious differences when it comes to the ending. Although both are great, author Chuck Palahuniuk even agreed that the movie is better!

3. Divergent: Book

Divergent struggled to live up to its beloved book. With missing characters and a creepy romance that wasn't meant to be creepy, the book wins without a doubt.

4. Where the Wild Things Are: Book

Oh, the childhood favorite. Not even the best of actors could take away the comforting nostalgia that comes with the book.

5. Forest Gump: Movie

The classic Forest Gump got some major changes when it was turned into a screenplay. But in the end, movie Forest is the character we'll always love in our hearts.

6. Jurassic Park: Movie

The novel has some monumental ideas to share, but was lackluster when it came to its characters and action. *Que the theme song*

7. The Fault in Our Stars: Book

The amount of crying is still the same, but the book takes you on an emotional roller coaster that tears your heart apart in no way a movie ever could. Okay? Okay.

8. Mystic River: TIE

This one was too tough to call: Lehane's gorgeous prose vs. Penn's stunning performance. Read it, then see it.

9. The Book Thief: Book

The movie adaptation was sensitive to the book, but criticized for being dull. The narrator also didn't have the same effect as a voice-over. Plus, with a title like, The Book Thief, shouldn't the book win?

10. If I Stay: Book

The movie has a fantastic soundtrack, but music doesn't rule over Gayle Forman's heartbreaking story. There were far more tears shed over the book.

11. Lord of the Rings: TIE

I know, we're cheating again. Whether it's on a page or a screen, the story takes place in a world so full of life and adventure that we can't help but love in both forms.

12. Sense and Sensibility: Movie

The movie was able to take all the passionate scenes in the book and turns them up ten notches, while still staying true to the story.

13. The Great Gatsby: Book

Fitzgerald got it right on the first try.

14. Jaws: Movie

Before the novel was even published, its film rights were bought and has been a classic ever since.

15. To Kill a Mockingbird: Book

We do think the movie was a great adaptation, but it was no substitute for Harper Lee's prose. The movie complements the story and we enjoyed it, but it doesn't replace the book.

16. The Princess Bride: Book

The movie better than the book? Inconceivable!

17. Water for Elephants: Book

The movie made an effort to capture this kooky and beautiful novel, but the book has a certain kind of beauty that can only be found in-between the lines.

18. Carrie: Movie

When Carrie was adapted into a film it proceeded to terrify an entire generation, and still does. Most Carrie fans have not even read the book.

19. Harry Potter: BOOK

We can marathon the movies like nobody's business, but the movies had a difficult time fitting in beloved characters, plot points, and that touch of magic only J.K. Rowling possesses.

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