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    23 Beautifully Bookish Places To Explore This Summer

    Do you love reading tales of distant shores, daydreaming your way to other places?

    1. London, England

    2. Denmark

    3. Mumbai, India

    4. Long Island, NY

    5. Transylvania, Romania

    6. St. Petersburg, Russia

    7. Dublin, Ireland

    8. Kenya, Africa

    9. Venice, Italy

    10. Cartagena, Colombia

    11. Edinburgh, Scotland

    12. Cairo, Egypt

    13. Oslo, Norway

    14. New York City, New York

    15. Japan

    16. Paris, France

    17. Lafayette, Mississippi

    18. New Zealand

    19. San Francisco, California

    20. Rome, Italy

    21. Peak District, England

    22. Detroit, Michigan

    23. Barcelona, Spain

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