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    14 Authors You (Unfortunately) Encounter On Social Media

    Let the un-friending and un-following begin!

    1. The author who friends you on Facebook just to bombard you with book promos

    2. The author who doesn't post anything...

    3. ...until their book comes out and they post every five minutes

    4. The author who aggressively likes everything on his/her page

    5. The author who only auto-posts and never actually visits their social media pages

    6. The author who doesn't know how to use Facebook or Twitter (but probably pretends to)

    7. The author with the egg avatar as their Twitter pic

    8. The author with the Facebook profile picture from 20 years ago

    9. The author who only posts pictures of their cat

    10. The author who only posts pictures of their food

    11. The author who badmouths other authors via social media

    12. The author who complains about sales numbers on social media

    13. The author who thanks people for follows on Twitter

    14. The author who uses too many hashtags, often incorrectly