11 Reasons You Don’t Actually Want To Quit Your Day Job

After 3 months as a full-time writer, award-winning author, Gigi Pandian, says artists are better off keeping their day jobs.

1. You thought you’d be more productive after giving up your 9-5 job, but instead you sleep until noon

2. Waiting for your pet to respond to your brilliant analysis of last night’s episode of Castle, you realize water cooler chitchat is underrated.

3. You wake up and realize you haven’t left your house in four days and you’re pretty sure the guy you see from your window is disposing of a dead body.

4. It’s the job you’ve always dreamed of! Oh wait, it’s still a real job and you have to get all this done…

5. …Which turns out to be this intense and draining.

6. …And you have to be your own mean boss.

7. One day it hits you that 8 hours of time does not equal 8 hours of creative productivity.

8. Having lost all sense of perspective, you spend hours revising a sentence before realizing it was perfect as it was.

9. Your spouse looks at you like you’re possessed when you accost him upon his return from his own day job.

10. Do you really want every day of the week to be the same?

11. It turns out that being a hermit isn’t nearly as glamorous as it looks in the movies.

Gigi Pandian is the author of PIRATE VISHNU: A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery (2/11/14, Henery Press). For more, visit her website, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter @GigiPandian.

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