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    15 Boozy Popsicles You Need To Make This Summer

    Nothing is better than popsicles... except popsicles with alcohol.

    1. Peach Sangria

    Annie's Eats / Via

    Perfect for a hot summer afternoon. Here you go.

    2. Mojito!

    The Tiffin Box / Via

    Refreshing and easy-peasy. Get the recipe.

    3. WATERMELON Mojito

    Boulder Locavore. / Via

    Next-level. Keep the mojitos coming. Recipe here.

    4. Creamy Piña Colada.

    Drizzle and Dip / Via

    Featuring coconut milk and fresh-squeezed pineapple and lime juice. Go ahead, impress your friends.

    5. Mudslide

    Endless Simmer. / Via

    If it's made with yogurt it's healthy, right?? We'll go with that.

    6. Roasted Strawberry and Red Wine

    Pastry Affair / Via

    7. Bloody Mary

    Fork and Beans / Via

    For those days when it's already scorching hot by brunch time. Bonus: how adorable are the celery sticks? Recipe, please.

    8. Straight-Up: Riesling Popsicles

    Lark & Linen / Via

    Sometimes you want to get right to the point. Less fruit, more booze. We feel you.

    9. Sex on the Beach Pops

    Jacaranda FM / Via

    For the mandatory beach weekend. The best part about this recipe is that it includes a link to Ginuwine's "Pony." Please enjoy.

    10. Citrus Margarita

    Kiran Tarun / Via

    Made much, much cuter by edible flowers. Do the damn thing.

    11. Grapefruit, Basil & Vodka

    Jerry James Stone / Via

    Think of it as a frozen greyhound, with a twist. Sign me up.

    12. Black and White Russian

    Endless Simmer / Via

    Pudding pops + Booze. Bye. Recipe me!

    13. Maple Brown Derby Cocktail

    Hungry Girl Por Vida / Via

    Break out the big hat, 'cause derby days just got better.

    14. Pineapple Margarita

    Souvlaki for the Soul / Via

    Frozen pineapple jalapeño margs. ON A STICK. Okay, I see you.

    15. Gummy Bears and Vodka (!!!)


    For your inner kid and outer adult. Recipe here.

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