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    These Me&Hz Tassel Earrings Are Cheap, Pretty, Super Versatile, And Have Hundreds Of Positive Reviews

    Treat yourself to some super affordable tassel earrings and let your wardrobe reap the ~fringe~ benefits.

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    We all know that putting an outfit together in the morning or before a night out isn't always easy. Sometimes you might be nervous to try a new trend, other times everything in your closet seems blah, or ya can't figure out what the *just right* finishing touch for a look would be.


    That's why, when you find a great accessory that can basically change a whole outfit the moment you pop it on and can be dressed up or down, it's like finding the dang Holy Grail.

    Well folks, I think I've stumbled across such a treasure. Behold, these druzy and tassel earrings that are trendy, under $15, and not too big, not too small, but just right. Think your outfit is boring? Stick these babies in your lobes and that will definitely not be the case.


    Since they're fabric, they're not as dressy as super glitzy earrings, but still a major statement that works for a party. The stud part at the top is a subtly sparkly druzy stone, so these earrings combine two trends in one! Unlike so many fabulous statement baubles, these are lightweight, and they come with multiple kinds of earring backs so you can use whichever you find the comfiest.

    And to top it all off, they come in all kinds of colors and are only $13.99-$14.99, depending on the hue!

    Lest you think that these beauties sound to good to be true, check out what other shoppers have to say about them. They've got over 800 positive reviews, and seems like to try these earrings is to love them.


    "I ordered these for a wedding and truly loved them! They're a beautiful color and quality for the price. In some boutiques, these will cost anywhere from $20-$30 dollars for a similar product. I've worn them multiple times and they've stayed intact. I also have sensitive ears and these are not the cheap material that makes piercings become infected, inflamed, and uncomfortable." —kco

    And looking at reviewer photos, you can tell how versatile these stunners are. To work with a blazer? On the weekends with a tee? Yup, they're fabulous both ways, and I'm pretty sure you'll fall for them even if you're not usually a jewelry person.,

    "These are soooo cute, I never wear statement earrings but when I saw these I had to buy them." —JBL

    "These are super cute and great quality. I like that it’s a stone-like effect on the top — I didn’t realize that from the pictures. I want more! I ordered a few other similar earrings at the same time that were cheaper. You could definitely tell the difference in the quality. The tassels on the cheaper ones were frayed and not as smooth as these. It was also nice that they sent multiple backs." —Kindle Customer

    But these earrings also know how to partayyyyyyy!!! These + a sleek dress = a special occasion look that'll have you feeling confident as heck. Now that's the kind of math I like.,

    "These earrings are exactly what they look like! They're light and vibrant and went perfectly with my dress for graduation. They're not falling apart or shedding like other similar earrings had earned reputations of doing. They hang at a good length and didn't tickle my neck or annoy me by hitting my shoulders. I'm glad I chose these earrings!" —Amazon Customer

    "These earrings were just the pop of color I needed! They're dressy enough to go with my LBD, but casual enough to wear again. They're silky soft and fairly lightweight for their size. I used the larger, disc-like backs that came with them. I received so so so so so many compliments from just about everyone. Perfect strangers crossed the room to tell me how awesome my earrings were. Mid-sentence, expect to hear 'Oh my gosh! I love those earrings!'" —matt

    Honestly, you should probably just buy these in every color of the rainbow. I hereby grant you permission.

    "I absolutely LOVE these earrings! I get tons of compliments and they go well with all sorts of outfits! I'm about to get the purple! I can't wait!!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 28 colors).

    When you know your earrings are the best part of your whole dang outfit:

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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