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    21 Gifts For The Biggest Grammar Nerd You Know

    You'd better proofread the card you attach. Twice.

    1. A perfectly punctuated tee celebrating their three favorite things.

    2. A cute-yet-judgy mug to prove they're not ~kitten~ around when it comes to grammar.

    3. A slightly passive-aggressive sticker depicting something they've actually done to someone when they were being an ass-terisk.

    4. Or a minimal and straight-to-the-point dad cap expressing the same sentiment.

    5. An OMG-worthy sticky note pad to help them formally write-up all grammar offenders. Catch me sticking these on every business sign or ad that uses unnecessary quotation marks.

    6. Some sleek stud earrings that can be a period and a comma or a semicolon depending on if they rock them in both ears or stacked on just one (and depending, of course, on what the sentence structure demands).

    7. A World Without "Whom": The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age, a book by BuzzFeed copy chief Emmy Favilla all about the development of a style guide that's conversational and internet friendly, while still being grammatical. If your friend has ever gone on a long ramble about how language evolves, this is the book for them.

    8. A set of sassy grammar police catchphrase pencils so no one at work would dare steal one of their writing utensils (or use a split infinitive).

    9. Or a set of homophone pencils they'll use to WRITE the RIGHT way.

    10. An adorable (yet infuriating) birthday card to celebrate the day they were born into this Earth with the sole purpose of correcting everyone.

    11. A handy and honest pouch in which they can store their hopes and dreams of one day finding a cutie on Hinge whose bio doesn't misuse or misspell a single word.

    12. A dainty necklace that'll perfectly ~punctuate~ any outfit.

    13. Or an adjustable punctuation cuff with the ~write~ stuff to become their new signature piece.

    14. A smart-alecky set of coasters so their guests won't take it personally when your friend kicks them out of the party for using a dangling modifier.

    15. A LOL-worthy T-shirt to help them raise awareness about the vital importance of commas.

    16. A cheeky sticker suggesting an activity that actually sounds kinda fun, tbh.

    17. A clever sentence diagram print for the only person you know who actually misses doing this in school.

    18. A "Grammar Police Academy" sweatshirt to let everyone know who they're dealing with. Oh, crap, I just ended a sentence with a preposition — they're after me.

    19. An adorable art print starring some encouraging punctuation marks. ~Comma~ on, you can do it!!!

    20. A punny notebook for ~recording~ all of their important thoughts.

    21. And finally, a pack of fine-tip red pens so they can correct others' work and their own with a masterful and satisfying precision.

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