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    Literally Just 23 Of The Cutest Socks You Can Get On Amazon

    Sock it to me.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post was last updated in 2018, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. Check out the 2019 version of this post for our most up-to-date sock recommendations!

    1. A set of ear-resitable pupper socks we should all just take a moment and paws to appreciate.


    Price: $8.99+ for a set of five (available in eight designs)

    2. Thick knit cuties ready to rename the Dr. Seuss classic Fox On Socks.


    Price: $8.99+ (available in eight designs)

    3. An unbelievably affordable pair paying homage to the most amazing house-elf the world has ever known.


    *Chokes back a sob*

    Price: $1.66+ (available in four colors)

    4. Sheer floral socks so stylish, you'll wish you didn't have to wear shoes.


    Unfortunately, you do, but you should totally pick kicks these can peek out from, like low-top sneaks or ankle booties.

    Price: $16.90 for a set of five (available in three designs)

    5. Sassy, sweary socks with over 1,000 positive reviews from folks with happy feet.,

    Promising review: "I wore these for the first time when I was traveling. I knew I'd have to take my shoes off at security, but I honestly didn't think TSA would look that closely at my feet. Well, they do. I was standing in the body scanner and the agent directed me to step forward slightly, then exclaimed (while I had my hands up and the scanner was going), 'Do your socks say @sshole?!' I blushed so hard, but smiled and nodded. He waved me out and had me stop on the mat in order to call over another agent. He pointed at my feet and said 'Look at her socks!' which made everyone around me look down at my feet. Two people asked me where they could find them. It was pretty awesome actually and gave everyone a laugh." —Lisa Lanigan

    Price: $5.99+ (available in 105 designs)

    6. Some Bob Ross socks for anyone who believes there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.


    One thing that would actually be a mistake? Not buying these.

    Price: $12

    7. Super fluffy critter socks who can't wait to curl up with you on your next cozy night in.


    Price: $9.99+ for a set of three (available in 15 designs)

    8. A set of Studio Ghibli-themed socks sure to put a smile on your face when you wear them — they might just be the Miyaza-key to a good day.


    Look at the little Kiki and Jiji! And Howl and Sophie! Squee!!!

    Price: $9.99 for a set of four

    9. Smiling mac 'n' cheese socks that combine comfort food and comfort footwear.


    Price: $8

    10. Over-the-knee animal socks who can't wait to peek out from your fave boots.


    Price: $8.99 (available in five animals)

    11. Socks featuring famous paintings to turn your tootsies into works of art that belong in a damn museum.


    They've got over 1,000 positive reviews!

    Promising review: "Wow! I’m truly impressed with these socks. I honestly thought they’d be thin and made of 100% polyester with the design printed on them, but I was pleasantly proved wrong in all areas! They are thicker than typical polyester socks and made with much better materials: cotton and spandex. The design is actually sewn in, which means the artwork will actually last on these socks! It’s visible when turning the socks inside out. Can’t wait to wear these to work!" —Tanya M.

    Price: $11.99 for a set of five

    12. Polka dot Pokémon ankle socks so cute, you won't be able decide which pair to rock first. You gotta wear 'em all!


    Me, reaching into my sock drawer: "Snorlax, I choose you!"

    Price: $14.99 for a set of six (available in six designs)

    13. Bold printed socks that make one humble request. If your family and friends choose to ignore it, you have nothing left to taco bout.


    Price: $6.99

    14. Fuzzy Frenchies who know the answer to the question "Is it still cute to wear pastels in the winter?" is absolutely "Oui oui!"


    Price: $12.99 (available in five designs)

    15. An LOL-worthy pair ready to nom on your ankle and take a bite out of your otherwise boring sock collection., Amazon

    Price: $8.33+ (available in 11 animals)

    16. A set featuring favorite animated characters, from princesses to Bikini Bottom residents.


    Other options available include Adventure Time and Pixar!

    Price: $12.95+ for a set of five, other styles available in smaller sets for $9.95+ (available in 18 styles total)

    17. Some avocado socks in which you won't just walk the walk, you'll guac the guac.


    Price: $9.99 (available in four designs)

    18. A six-pack of everyday ankle socks available in tons of fun designs, from the irreverent to the quirky.


    Price: $5+ for a set of six (available in 21 designs)

    19. A set of soft and comfy little ladies who want to ensure your sock wardrobe is anything but bow-ring.


    Price: $12.99 (available in four designs)

    20. Paws-itively adorable kitty feet socks that are exactly what you should ask Santa Claws for this year.


    They're available in both ankle and crew styles!

    Price: $13.98+ for a set of four (available in four designs) or $5.98 for an individual pair (available in eight designs)

    21. Hilariously clever tube socks sure to have you looking like a total snack.


    Price: $8.49+ (available in sizes medium or large and in 52 designs)

    22. A trio of hungry Pusheens anyone who loves cats and noms (so, everyone?) needs in their life.


    Price: $11.99 for a set of three

    23. And an OMG-worthy boxed set of sushi socks that know presentation is everything — and when it comes to that, these babies are on a roll.


    Price: $22.99 for a box of three (available in men's and women's sizes)

    Here's to socks and all the joy they can bring.

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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