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25 Things you Simply HAVE to do in Brighton This Summer

Our city is better than yours, and here's why...

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1. Go for a dip in the sea / Via

It's pretty obvious but it often surprises me how many people that live in Brighton have never taken the plunge (literally).

I don't care if you just fancy a little paddle or are going for a full-speed run-up at full-volume, in the ever lasting words of Ryan Gosling, just "get in the water!"

2. Join the Celebration at Brighton Pride


Named by Lonely Planet as one of the "best Pride's in the world", Brighton Pride weekend is hugely exciting, fun and definitely not to be missed when visiting the city.

A positive explosion of flamboyance and fun-times, Brighton Pride pays homage to everything that is diverse and open-minded about the community, in a kaleidoscope of colour and style.

3. Take part in the 'Naked Bike Ride'


Brighton's infamous Naked Bike Ride is a celebration of bikes, bodies and of course, Brighton! Taking place every year since 2006 as part of a global movement, the naked bike ride aims to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on the road.

If you don't fancy braving it in the buff, each year lots of people take part in nude themed costumes and a magnificent array of body paint.

4. Spin your way slim in the sun

Make the most of the summer months and take your fitness regime into the great outdoors.Hula Hoop fitness classes are all the rage, super fun and promise to give you abs as hard as diamonds!* (*slightly soft and squidgy diamonds)

6. Get a takeaway Pompoko and eat it in the sun


Brighton's worst kept secret, Pompoko is a tiny little Japanese restaurant nestled in the heart of Brighton, right opposite the Dome. It serves a huge range of amazing ( super cheap) meals that you can get to take away, so you can soak up some sun whilst you pig out.

It always surprises me how many people literally have no idea what Pompoko is. (If you're secretly thinking "wtf" right now, shame on you, get yourself down there, go for the Chicken Breadcrumb Curry or the Tori Chilli Don and thank me later).

7. Catch some Rays in the Pavilion Gardens

Victor Frankowski

Built in early 19th century as a Royal seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, the Pavilion is surrounded by the beautiul Royal Pavilion Gardens. A great place to while away a Summer's day with friends, the gardens are home to a whole host of performers; everything from Steel bands to Jazz hands, and come June, a flock of Champagne crazed Graduates from the local Universities.

8. Take a stroll on Devil's Dyke


A great place to go for a walk whatever time of year, Devil's Dyke is even more insanely beautiful in the summer.

The name given to the 100m valley formed from mass water run-off in the last ice-age, this spot on the South Downs is a great destination for an afternoon of picnic related gluttony, a peaceful stroll or an overly aggressive game of Frisbee.

11. Have a BBQ on the Beach

Walk along the beach anytime in between May and September and you'll see a wealth of clever clogs people with disposable BBQ's. Everywhere sells them at this time of year so grab a couple and get cooking, just remember to dispose of them properly when you're done!

12. Learn something new at Evolution Arts


A thriving hub of creativity, community and health in Brighton, Evolution Arts has been helping people 'learn something new' since 1993 and was even one of the first places to start teaching yoga in Brighton.

The center offers over 100 different types of classes, courses and weekend workshops for you to choose from. A great way to spend an afternoon or make the most of a rainy weekend (let's face it, the British summer has its ups and downs) with everything Pilates to Photoshop, Tango to Tarot reading, (and even Acroyoga) you'll be spoilt for choice.

13. Take up Acroyoga

Haven't heard of it yet? Acroyoga is a glorious mix of yoga (duh), Thai massage and acrobalance. Acroyoga is a great way to meet new people and get fit whilst having fun, don't worry, they offer beginners classes too!

14. Spend some time on the Level

From festivals to photo exhibitions, the Level comes alive in the summer. Take a look at upcoming events via their Facebook page or head down with a book and see for yourself.

15. Practice your backhand

Facebook: PingBrightonHove

As soon as the summer months hit, table tennis tables start popping up all over Brighton, left right and center. Who knows where they come from (the council), how long they'll be there (about 6-8 weeks) or why, (shut up), just grab yourselves a partner and a paddle and play like your life depends on it.

There's heaps of exciting Ping! events too, so keep those peepers peeled!

16. Cycle along the seafront


For the first time in what feels like forever (since 2012), you can now skate, cycle, Rollerblade or scooter (scoot?) down the Brighton seafront cycle path uninterrupted, and my god, it feels GLORIOUS.

17. Get your Kayak on!

Channel your inner adventure god/godess by renting some Kayaks and getting out on the water. A great way to burn off your lunch, see Brighton from a different perspective and get that upper body tan you always dreamed of.

19. Enjoy a drink on the seafront

With so many fantastic seafront bars and restaurants to choose from, there really is something for everyone. Why not try out new venue the Tempest with its quirky cave style interior, tasty menu and plenty of outdoor seating.

20. Soak up the sun in a Beergarden

Don't waste your precious sunshine hours in a dingy pub, find one with a beer garden instead! My favorites? The Hobgoblin, The setting sun and the almighty king of summer pubs; Sidewinder in Kemptown. Not one, not three but TWO beer gardens, a Mexican kitchen and a 'build your own Bloody Mary bar', what more could you ask for (except sunshine) ? *cue angelic choir *

21. Visit Brighton Pier

Packed with food stalls, rides and arcade games for you to try your luck on, why not while away some hours on Brighton pier. Opening in 1899, the Brighton Marine Palace Pier boasts a rich cultural history and, even today, is a huge tourist destination.

22. Marvel at the burnt down west pier

Once a truly magnificent site, the infamous West pier was built back in 1866 and celebrated and enjoyed by millions. Falling into a state of disrepair after the second world war, she suffered significant damage and finally closed to the public in 1975.

Soon to be partially refurbished with the addition of the i360, the old West pier skeleton is still very much an iconic part of Brighton culture, standing strong and standing proud.

23. Get something AMAZING to eat

The New Club

With over 400 restaurants and bars to choose from, Brighton has a greater ratio of places to eat per person than anywhere outside of London. Home to a vast range of exciting, beautiful, and truly delicious food, for that reason, it can be a little overwhelming.

Named one of the top foodie destinations in the UK, there's a wealth of different styles and cuisines for you to choose from;

If you're looking for something Eco-friendly (choose SILO), some killer South Indian food (Curry Leaf Cafe), some 5* New York diner style grub (The New Club), something different (64 degrees) or vegetarian (Terre a Terre), there's sure to be something for everyone.

25. Catch a sunset starling show

Flickr: 32768071@N06

Just before they disappear off to roost for the night, the Starlings can be seen putting on quite an aerial display (or murmuration) that looks just beautiful when set against a seaside sunset. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the show.

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