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    • katrin

      Some things might be well arranged in Finland but there are several problems as well. This list doesn’t mention the alcohol abuse, suicide rates, the winter which is so cold and dark that no one (or at least not me :D ) can live through it without getting depressed. Students get allowance, which is good but on the other hand, because of the allowance they are only allowed to earn a certain sum of money by working. So basically, we always have to count if we’ve earned too much so that we’ll have to return the allowance. The government had estimated that a person needs about 500€/month to lead a good life, but obviously students don’t. They live with 200€/month. etc etc… Also I’ve met so many racist people in Finland that it’s infuriating plus it’s terribly annoying that people get so drunk they can’t even talk to you. I must say I’m happy for the cheap medication since I have a chronic illness but trust me, this is in no way a paradise. I can’t wait to move out when I’ll graduate.

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