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14 Times Tumblr Gave Skeletons New Life

If and when the skeleton uprising happens, you'll know where to go to find really great GIFs.

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1. The time they sent this skeleton to school.

2. The time they took this skeleton shopping.

3. The time they gave this activist skeleton a voice.

4. The time they chilled with the skeleton of swag.

5. The time they set skeleton relationship goals.

6. The time they put a skeleton on the front page.

7. The time they mastered skeleton sarcasm.

8. The time this skeleton was literally groundbreaking.

9. The time they eavesdropped on the hottest skeleton gossip.

10. The time they snapped this skeleton in the sun.

11. The time they made this skeleton upsettingly self-aware.

12. The time they hailed the skeleton king.

13. The time the skeleton king fell.

14. The time they signaled the skeleton uprising.

All hail the skeleton empire. Join or die. Oh, wait...

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