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9 Signs You're In A Relationship With Your Video Editing Software

All you need is love... and a hard drive.

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1. Time flies by when you’re together.


"We’ve been here for six hours?! It feels like five minutes!"

2. It was awkward when you first met, but now you know each other so well.


"Yes, I DID want a two-up screen layout for this project! Wow. You know me better than I do."

3. When you’re together, it feels like nothing else in the world matters.

"All I hear is your voice, and it sounds fantastic, because I tweaked the audio levels."

4. Your friends don’t always understand your relationship.

“You guys spend so much time together.. it’s like, weird.”

5. You like to experiment together.


"What if we tried something new tonight? Like… maybe… a cross dissolve ;)"

6. You're emotionally attached and extremely loyal.


"Yeah, Sony Vegas sounds cool or whatever, but I would never be with anyone else. I mean, anything else."

7. But sometimes your eye starts to wander, and you feel guilty.

"Ooh, those preset transitions are pretty sexy. Oh my god, what am I thinking?!"

8. Sometimes you just don't get along.

"Are you STILL rendering?! I thought we were past this!"

9. But in the end, you know your life wouldn't be the same without it.


"You’ve got what I need, baby… The blade tool and never ending export options. You complete me."

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