21 Signs That Tumblr Is Slowly Ruining Your Life

You may or may not have sold your soul to a website.

1. You used to laugh at the people who said they spent most of their time on tumblr. Now you’re one of them.

2. Suddenly you have a huge bunch of followers and about 70 new TV shows to watch.

3. Your post count has gone up dramatically since you discovered Alt Reblog.

4. You start becoming strangely attracted to actors who are old enough to be your father.

5. Then your life suddenly starts to revolve around said actors.

6. You see memes weeks before your friends start posting them on Facebook.

7. You start speaking the language of meme.

8. You think up something witty, post it and wait for the notifications to starts rolling in.

9. And then get offended when no one likes it.

10. You start going on 50 mile marathons…down your dashboard.

11. You have extensive knowledge on TV shows you’ve never even seen.

12. And you even start getting the fandom’s “in” jokes, even though you’re not in the fandom.

13. You find yourself becoming increasingly sarcastic.

14. Your friends don’t understand refrences that your tumblr followers would.

15. After long periods of time on your laptop, you may have forgotten how to communicate with the outside world.

16. Essay? Exams? Classes? Work?

17. The apocalypse could be going on around you and you still wouldn’t care.

18. You have the lowest self esteem.

19. Yet you still act like a high and mighty lord.

20. You’re 100% done with tumblr.

21. But let’s face it, you love it too much to ever quit.

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