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15 WTF Moments From The Most Questionable Movie Of The '90s

Remember Blank Check? I recently watched this movie again and realized that there are some pretty disturbing parts that I probably missed watching it as a kid.

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1. His Family Is The Worst

At the beginning of the movie, Preston gets kicked out of his room so his brothers can turn it into an office for their new business. Um, those brothers are like 14, so whatever bullshit business they're starting could probably be taken care of in their own room.

2. All The Kids Are Spineless Bullies

His Mom comes into his room and tells Preston that he’s going to be late for Butch’s birthday party. This Butch kid is bully. He already has to deal with his obnoxious older brothers and now he is being forced to socialize with people he doesn’t like? Butch doesn’t like Preston and Preston doesn’t like Butch so why the hell was he invited and why the hell did he go?

3. Funland Is A Crock


Apparently one token costs one dollar so this is obviously the worst amusement park in the world. Preston's parents only gave him 6 dollars so he doesn’t have enough for the rides everyone else is going on. He sticks with the merry-go-round and some other kiddie rides while all of the other little pretentious kids laugh at him. Nice job, Disney. I'm depressed.

4. His Family Doesn't Love Or Respect Him

After Preston (unsuccessfully) tries to open up a bank account, this guy Quigley, who is driving 100 mph, backs over his bike and nearly runs him over.

When he tells his parents that nearly lost his life they are just like, “I thought we had a talk about taking care of our valuables.” His dad grounds him for absolutely no reason and Preston stomps up the stairs to his room while I call Child Protective Services.

5. He's Breaking The Law

Preston gets to his room and realizes that the check he got from Quigley (for a new bike) is blank. He closes his door and turns on his computer. What kind of program does he have on this '94 Macintosh that got his name, date, and the amount to fit exactly on the right lines of the check?

Preston makes the check for a million dollars. Seriously? I get that Quigley kind of deserves it, but who knows what this guy’s financial situation is. He could potentionally be ruining his life.

7. The Adults Are Idiots

Preston calls to buy the house using some sort of computer program where the computer says whatever is written on the screen. Apparently these people are unable to differentiate human from robot voices because they take this call seriously and he gets the place.

I can barely get a one bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh without being finger printed.

9. Strange Adult/Child Relationship Behavior

Preston hires a limo driver, Henry, who doesn't question why this child has a back pack full of cash. When Henry asks where Preston wants to go, Preston says “well Harry, we’re gonna go buy some stuff.” Preston... the dude's name is Henry. He literally just told you that.

Then there is a montage of Henry and Preston on a shopping spree which goes on for four years. At the end of the night, Preston gets diabetes when he eats a garbage can filled with ice cream in the back of the limo.

10. Henry Is An Idiot

When this 45 year old man finally starts to question why this child has so much money, Preston tells him he is buying all of this stuff for "Macintosh."

Apparently Macintosh never had a childhood so now he wants to buy the stuff that he couldn't afford as a kid.

I see this kid is familiar with Michael Jackson.

11. His Dad Is An Idiot

Preston's Dad can't back out of his driveway because he is blocked in by delivery trucks that are bringing stuff to Preston's house. Wait.... So Preston bought a house across the street from his family's place?

C'mon, Preston!

After his Dad gets out of the car to see what all the fuss is about, he finds Preston yelling into a megaphone and directing where his dumb stuff is going to go in the house. Preston tells his Dad that he is working for some man named Macintosh that is moving in. The dad doesn't question anything. He's just pissed that his car is blocked in the driveway.

12. More Strange Adult/Child Behavior

Another montage shows Preston driving on his race track, flipping around on a bungee and playing a boxing arcade game with his creep limo driver, Henry. At some point Henry tries out that thing where you wear a velcro suit and throw your body at an inflatable wall and his fat ass breaks it. I thought this guy was a limo driver. Did Preston call and invite him over? Is he getting paid for this? Why isn't he questioning this situation? What's happening?

13. Preston Takes A Grown Woman On A Date

Three years later, when the song ends, Shay Stanley from the bank is walking over to the pool. She tells Preston that she brought an application for a bank account he had previously wanted to open up. Preston goes in the house to get money and then slides down from the top of the slide that is in his room down to the pool. Then he gives Shay the soaking wet money because he is annoying.

She asks if she can meet with Macintosh but Preston says that he is busy all day and night. Instead, Preston explains that since he works for him he could meet with her on his behalf. Shay says to pick her up at eight and that "it's a date."

Preston is excited. I'm uncomfortable.

Their date is as creepy as you'd expect a date with a 12 year old and 30 year old to be.

15. There Are Literally Zero Repercussions For His Actions

Preston throws a huge birthday party for Macintosh. Tons of people show up. Who the hell are these random people? When Preston finally tells everyone that Macintosh isn't real, the people at the party are PISSED. Why? You're at a birthday party being thrown by a 12 year old for an old man who you've never met.

Shay tells Preston that she has been working undercover for the FBI and he tells his family the truth. Then things go back to normal. So his parents grounded him for his bike being run over but they don't seem to care that he squandered a million dollars and spent all of it within a week...... okay.

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