A Coffee Drinkers Guide To Drinking Coffee

reheat and repeat

1. Get out of bed purely because you know you’ll be able to drink coffee.

2. Make coffee in zombie mode

3. Love your roommate if s/he already made some

4. Pour a massive cup and drink. Burn your mouth (Because you thought this time might be different)

5. Get distracted by tumblr, facebook, twitter, buzzfeed, and email. Forget about coffee. Now it’s cold.

6. Microwave it even though it’ll make it taste funny

7. Forget about coffee AGAIN.

8. Consider adding ice cubes and making it into iced coffee

9. Then just decide to chug it at room temp before it gets any colder

10. Go to take another sip and realize you already drank it all.

11. Get sad and think about how far away your kitchen is even though you really want another cup.

12. Decide it’s worth moving, refill your mug, and repeat the process.

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