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For Those Who Suffer From Frozen Summer Office

When it's 87 degrees outside but a LITERAL TUNDRA in your office.

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1. It's the middle of summer. It's hot as balls outside.

When it's too hot to go outside! 😭😂👍🏻

2. Everything is basically on fire or boiling because of the heat.

3. Except inside your office, where through the evil sorcery of modern air conditioning, where it is basically a frozen hellscape.

Disney / Via

4. I'm sorry. You are one of millions of Americans suffering from acute Frozen Summer Office.

Slowly becoming this at the office today. (It's freezing.)

5. Inside temperatures mind-bogglingly seem to be colder than in the actual winter. It defies any logic.

Fox / Via

6. If you wore short sleeves to the office, you're fucked.

Con: A/C is freezing in the office today Pro: Gives me an excuse to wear my N7 arm warmers made by @RebelATS :D

7. When you leave the house in the morning, your outfits will make zero sense.

When the office is freezing but it's blazing hot outside

8. You may have attempted to use your hot breath to warm up your hands.

9. You may notice other sufferers of Acute Frozen Summer Office. You can tell them by their "Office Blanket".

10. Another way to identify them is by a fully zipped hoodie with the hood up.

11. The preferred blanket for sufferers of Freezing Summer Office is usually a microplush throw that came as some sort of promotional gift to the office.

12. Arranging your Office Blanket so that you can stick an arm out to type is especially difficult.

It is this cold in the office I only use one hand to type cos my other hand is tucked under my blankets ❄️❄️❄️

13. In a Freezing Summer Office, even leopard print Snuggies start to seem like a good idea.

14. Being creative with what you have is key. This inventive person is wearing her cardigan sleeves as tights.

So cold in the office that I am actually wearing the sleeves of a cardigan as leg warmers right now #fashionicon

15. I know it pains all of us to look at this, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And in a Freezing Summer Office, there are no judgements.

16. The worst symptom of all is when the one hand you use for your mouse becomes basically a popsicle.

17. Scarves are totally appropriate to warm yourself in the cold glow of a Bloomberg terminal.

18. Some sickos in your office might think it's funny to put a warm fire on an office monitor, but any suffers of acute F.S.O. know this just worsens the pain.

19. Using a space heater in June is completely reasonable.

20. The good news is that when you finally go outside for lunch in the insane heat..... it actually feels good.

21. Stay strong, fellow suffers of Freezing Summer Office; just know that it could always be a little worse.

i literally had to put tape on my nipples because its to damn cold in this office and they were just like hey everybody, look at me.

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