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    Why Ciara And Future Must Never Break Up


    This is Ciara.

    This is Ciara from behind.

    This is Future:

    Ciara used to date Bow Wow.

    They broke up because clearly they were never meant to be.

    Future sings on Ciara's latest song "Body Party"

    Then this happened (ssssshhhh it's ok if we just believe this is how it went down in real life):

    And they fell in love.

    And are pretty much the cutest couple ever

    They always look amazing

    What is this crazy shirt Ciara is wearing? Who cares! It works on her!

    Seriously, they are insanely good looking.

    They take selfies together (awww):

    And smoke hookahs together:

    They act goofy and cute together

    This is Ciara and Future sticking bills in a stripper's thong and somehow it's really adorable that they do it together

    Look how in love and happy they are!

    So cuteeeeee

    And hot as heck

    In conclusion: please Ciara and Future, do not deprive the human race by not continuing this insanely good-looking gene pool.