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18 Ways To Tell If You Were A '90s Ghost

Only true '90s ghosts will get this.

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1. Your idea of a cool date was doing make-your-own pottery:

2. Every time you tried to play pogs with your friends, they'd be covered in green exo-slime because you're a ghost and you slime all over everything:

3. You had a mega crush on Christina Ricci BEFORE she got all weird-skinny:

4. You wanted to wear scrunchies, but since your ghostly form cannot be contained by tangible objects, they don't actually work to hold back your hair:

5. Your Pokemon team was ALWAYS Ghost type:

6. Your dad was always embarassing you by showing off to your friends how he could melt into the floor:

7. Your favorite member of Wu-Tang was obviously:

8. The only Beanie Baby in your collection is this one:

9. Your only way of communicating to your friends was through cryptic messages that solved mysteries:

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10. You HATED these bullies who were always trying to trap you with their bogus photon rays:

SMH these aren't even REAL photon rays.

SMH these aren't even REAL photon rays.

11. You're really upset at the lies and smears written in your unauthorized biography:

12. You prefer Michael Jackson's "Ghosts" to "Thriller" because "Thriller" has zombies and you look down on zombies because they're basically ghosts with poor hygiene:

13. Obviously, this was your jam:

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14. You secretly hoped your Tamagotchi would die so it would be like you:

15. This will always be your favorite Jarmusch film:

16. You hated Hypercolor shirts because you lack any body heat because of the whole being undead thing:

17. You longed after Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but alas, his living, breathing, flesh-and-bone mortality kept you apart, like star-crossed lovers:

18. But in all honesty, you can't really remember the '90s too, because you've been undead for so many eons that 10 years are just a blur to you:

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