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    This Upsetting Video Shows One Woman's Street Harassment In A Single Day

    Shoshana Roberts was taped walking through New York City for a day and captured all of the comments men made to her. "Somebody's acknowledging you for being beautiful... you should say 'thank you' more!"

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    Viral video director Rob Bliss collaborated on this piece with Hollaback!, a nonprofit that advocates ending street harassment, to try to document a woman's experience walking the streets of New York City on a typical day.

    Using a camera strapped to his backpack, Bliss walked in front of volunteer Shoshana Roberts for 10 hours. Roberts held two microphones in her hands as they walked through Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and part of Queens, capturing the comments men made as she walked by.

    "This definitely shows the average of a daily walk. I walk a lot in the city," Roberts told BuzzFeed News. "That was just verbal harassment we recorded, too. It doesn't account for people whistling and undressing me with their eyes and thrusting their crotches at me."