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    This Is How Someone Ends Up Photoshopping Nude Women Beanbag Chairs [NSFW]

    You don't just wake up one day and create the masterpieces from [NSFW]. It's a journey.

    You meet the person of your dreams. You fall in love. You get married.

    You get married and do the thing mommies and daddies do when they love each other very much.

    The day your baby boy enters the world is the happiest day of your life.

    You gaze lovingly at his perfect little nose and cheeks. You've never felt this in love.

    This little prince, the angel of your world, he can be anything he wants, a doctor or a poet or a president.

    Middle of the night crying turns into first steps and first words and first birthday parties.

    You cry as soon as your little man goes inside for his first day of school.

    You stay up late glue-gunning his science fair projects, then drilling his SAT flashcards.

    He's discovered a passion for Photoshop and goes to the local art school.

    You're concerned about his future, but want him to follow his dreams.

    His first Thanksgiving home from college, you use his laptop to check your email.

    You can't help noticing what he's working on in Photoshop...

    The bundle of joy you brought home from that hospital 18 years ago...

    THIS is what he's become. THIS is who he grew to be.

    He's a guy who cranks off to imagining girls as beanbag chairs.