39 Things That Look Like Boobs

    (But are not actually boobs.)

    1. This mushroom.

    2. The roof of Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Nicaragua.

    3. Angelina Ballerina's mother's nose.

    4. This jelly donut.

    6. This beach umbrella.

    7. The office suite number "800 B".

    8. This hamburger bun.

    9. These two hills.

    10. This bread bowl for soup.

    11. This bridge.

    12. A baby's knit cap.

    13. This lighting fixture.

    14. This fungii.

    15. These tanks in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn, power plant.

    16. An eggshell.

    17. A sprite melon.

    18. Wood.

    19. A car that's driven eighty thousand and eighty-five miles.

    20. Two caramel macchiatos.

    21. The word these windows spell out.

    22. Cronuts.

    23. Snowfall.

    24. Sherbert.

    25. A potato.

    26. A tree that has been pruned.

    28. Poached eggs with hollandaise.

    29. The reflection on the wall from this toilet.

    30. The electricity show in the Museum of Science, Boston

    31. The rear exits on this airplane safety card.

    32. Wiring in a train station.

    33. A pumpkin.

    34. A toilet paper dispenser.

    35. This graph from a fitness tracker.

    36. These cupcakes.

    37. A popcorn kernel.

    38. Buffalo mozzarella.

    39. The General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge in Alabama.