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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Nov 13, 2013

The Rich Guys With Lions Of Instagram

Big cats are the hottest status symbol for wealthy young men in the Persian Gulf. Instagramming your cheetah in a Lamborghini is the new 'gramming your brunch.

1. This is Humaid Albuqiash. He lives in the United Arab Emirates, and he has a lot of lions.

2. He's an Instagram celebrity with over 250K followers. He also has a cheetah.

3. Also a hyena cub. Lol look at that sad Pomeranian.

4. Here is a lion cub in a Power Wheels truck that he tries to climb out of but can't.

5. Here is Humaid getting his head munched by a lion.

6. Humaid likes taking his cats in the pool.


8. Bad lion! Please do not eat your owner, he seems like a nice guy.


10. Holy hell, Humaid, that's really fucking disgusting. There's blood everywhere. Yuck.

11. Riding your lion seems vaguely ill-advised and maybe not good for the lion...

12. According to a report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, illegal trade of big cats in the UAE is a growing problem. Not all big cats are illegal; they need proper papers to be sold.

13. Big cats have become popular for young men in the Gulf as a status symbol. It becomes problematic when someone gets a cute cub but doesn't want to keep it once it turns into a giant animal.

14. There's nothing to suggest Humaid's pets are anything but legal.

15. Just a cheetah attacking my head, nothing weird here, please move along.

16. Just a cheetah on a Rolls-Royce, no biggie.

17. More big cats and fancy cars.

18. Why he is stacking turtles?? This seems really ill-advised. Leave the turts alone.

19. Humaid isn't the only guy from the Persian Gulf to have a popular Instagram of his big cats. This guy, @Swakll from Kuwait, has almost 150K followers:

20. Dude, that's just gross. That's raw meat!

21. Based on the spotted fur and size, I believe this is actually a liger (tiger + lion crossbreed).

22. Swakll chilling with his liger and Lambo.

23. Texting while lioning, lol

24. His brother @saadturkii also keeps exotic pets. Here he is with a baby tiger:

25. @kbk5 lets his lion cubs chase around his friends at home:

26. And then chills with the full-grown lions inside.

27. This guy from Qatar likes to take his cheetah boating:

28. Suicide doors up with my cheetah on a leash, don't mind me.

29. @Jasem_Ali owns a while male tiger

30. Princess Maryam of the UAE once came to visit his lion.

31. Interesting, Humaid has a photo with the princess on the same day with the white lion. He and @jasem_ali must be friends or associates. Humaid captioned this photo "my boss" (Google translation).

32. Baby lion snugglefest!

Follow these guys if you want a delightful break between brunch pics in your Instagram:

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