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The Rich Guys With Lions Of Instagram

Big cats are the hottest status symbol for wealthy young men in the Persian Gulf. Instagramming your cheetah in a Lamborghini is the new 'gramming your brunch.

1. This is Humaid Albuqiash. He lives in the United Arab Emirates, and he has a lot of lions.

2. He's an Instagram celebrity with over 250K followers. He also has a cheetah.

3. Also a hyena cub. Lol look at that sad Pomeranian.

4. Here is a lion cub in a Power Wheels truck that he tries to climb out of but can't.

5. Here is Humaid getting his head munched by a lion.

6. Humaid likes taking his cats in the pool.


8. Bad lion! Please do not eat your owner, he seems like a nice guy.


10. Holy hell, Humaid, that's really fucking disgusting. There's blood everywhere. Yuck.

11. Riding your lion seems vaguely ill-advised and maybe not good for the lion...

12. According to a report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, illegal trade of big cats in the UAE is a growing problem. Not all big cats are illegal; they need proper papers to be sold.

13. Big cats have become popular for young men in the Gulf as a status symbol. It becomes problematic when someone gets a cute cub but doesn't want to keep it once it turns into a giant animal.

14. There's nothing to suggest Humaid's pets are anything but legal.

15. Just a cheetah attacking my head, nothing weird here, please move along.

16. Just a cheetah on a Rolls-Royce, no biggie.

17. More big cats and fancy cars.

18. Why he is stacking turtles?? This seems really ill-advised. Leave the turts alone.

19. Humaid isn't the only guy from the Persian Gulf to have a popular Instagram of his big cats. This guy, @Swakll from Kuwait, has almost 150K followers:

20. Dude, that's just gross. That's raw meat!

21. Based on the spotted fur and size, I believe this is actually a liger (tiger + lion crossbreed).

22. Swakll chilling with his liger and Lambo.

23. Texting while lioning, lol

24. His brother @saadturkii also keeps exotic pets. Here he is with a baby tiger:

25. @kbk5 lets his lion cubs chase around his friends at home:

26. And then chills with the full-grown lions inside.

27. This guy from Qatar likes to take his cheetah boating:

28. Suicide doors up with my cheetah on a leash, don't mind me.

29. @Jasem_Ali owns a while male tiger

30. Princess Maryam of the UAE once came to visit his lion.

31. Interesting, Humaid has a photo with the princess on the same day with the white lion. He and @jasem_ali must be friends or associates. Humaid captioned this photo "my boss" (Google translation).

32. Baby lion snugglefest!

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