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    18 Times The Fox In "Robin Hood" Was Weirdly Hot

    Not sorry.

    1. When he was relaxed and casual and aloof and you burned for him.

    2. When his sensitive snout and spiky teeth were just too cute.

    3. When he leaned against a tree and you can tell that he'd have those hot ab muscles lines going towards his belt if he had his shirt off.

    4. When he wore that grubby pauper costume but it didn't even matter because he still looked amazing.

    5. And when he pulled it off, revealing his hot body.

    6. When he balances the arrow on his fingertip because he has such control over his tight little furry body.

    7. When you saw his wet fur and he looked hotter than ever and you wanted to be the water.

    8. When he was so brave and fearless and you would've given anything to be the girl fox.

    9. When you thought about how his shirt was low cut enough to show his chest fur and you were like O_O

    10. When he was walking with his less hot friend, which made him look even hotter.

    11. When he shot an arrow...... straight through your heart.

    12. When he looked in Maid Marian's eyes and said the most romantic words.

    13. When he proposed with a flower ring and it was so perfect because he's not about material things, he's about things from the heart.

    14. When he took his outfit to the next level and wore his special suit and gold chain for his wedding day.

    15. When he drove off to his wedding night and your faith in true love was restored.

    16. When he was sucking the toes of the rooster narrator and you were like "wait I don't think this was in the movie..."

    17. When he was getting a rubdown from Brian from Family Guy and you were like "ok this is definitely not cannon but DAMN i'd love to be rubbing that fur..."

    18. And finally, when he took you to his cave/bed/lair on your wedding night and looked at you so with such intense lust, and you were like "yes Robin, this is how I always imagined it. Take me now, you fox! Take me like I'm a bag of gold from the rich!"