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17 Secret Thoughts Furries Have

"Sometimes I wish I could be more like my fursona than myself."

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Furries. We all know and love them.

But even behind their elaborate fur head pieces, they have their secrets. Here are some confessions furries made to the anonymous confession app Whisper.

Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed

1. Furries are sick of judgement. They pay their taxes too!

2. I mean, who doesn't agree that furries are hotter? Have you SEEN a naked human? Disgusting.

3. Not all furries are into the sex stuff.

4. There can be a lot of judgement form other furries on each other, too.

5. Some furries just want to make people smile.

6. Wait... collar?

7. There's a ton of anonymity when everyone's wearing masks.

8. I feel like if you own a fursuit, it's not exactly "casual".


10. Beware of any of your friends' pet names for their significant other...

11. I assume that he was eating a lot of bamboo and sleeping a lot.

12. 🐯 🐯 🐯 🐯 🐯 🐯 🐯

13. Not sure this would do that much to dispell the "creepy" myth, but sometimes you gotta say fuck it to the haters.

14. Hard agree. Humans are 90% unfuckable, anthro creatures are almost universally sexy.

15. 🙈📱

16. Full fursuits can cost $2,000 and up.

17. Sigh, the existential crisis we all face.

You can see more furry confessions (or non-furry, if that's your scene) on the Whisper app.

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