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37 Reasons Why Nancy Reagan Was The Ultimate First Lady

Every '80s kid can tell you Nancy was the best weird grandma with a killer fashion sense. Also, she hung out with Mr. T, so that.

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Yes, Nancy, we're talking about YOU.

Ok, I know this all sounds weird, so I'll explain

1. Nancy would do weird super '80s things like pose with the "Diff'rent Strokes" cast

2. Or have a conversation about planet Melmac with Alf

3. Tell me you can look at her with Dom Delouise and NOT smile

4. She's got a killer flirt game

5. Only downside is she was having a blatant affair behind Ronnie's back

Ok, just kidding just kidding

6. She loves dinner in front of the TV (just like me!)

7. Nancy was a total fox when she was young

8. She was friends with Liz Taylor

9. And Marilyn Monroe

10. She partied with a (very young) Paris Hilton

Yes! It's really her!

Yes! It's really her!

11. This is what she looked like leaving club Le Deux at 3am with Paris

Let's talk about her style.

12. Nancy only wore bright red, and occasionally black and white

13. Seriously. It's like she was in the White Stripes or something

14. One puffy shoulder print down with a daring slit? Yes.

15. A rare all black dress (with white pearls, natch)

16. But then back to red

17. Check out this slinky dress, dayum

18. Statement neckscarf AND chunky gold chain necklace? Nance, you crazy

19. Werk that red velvet gown, gurl

20. The only time she doesn't wear red is for full formalwear

21. She rocked the one one-shoulder gown before Michelle Obama's Inauguration gown

Actually, can we talk about her white ballgowns?

22. She can pull off a white gown without looking like it's a wedding dress

23. Seriously, this dress is amazing

24. I mean, is she wearing a bra with this?

25. Whoa, throwing us for a loop here in yellow, you sly fox

26. She rocks plaid

27. She even looks good in mom jeans

28. She looked badass in a leather jacket

29. She's an expert horsewoman

30. She's a good animal hugger

31. She thinks standing desks are overrated

32. She definitely has a pack of cigarettes on this plane

Badass, huh? Smoking is cool.

Badass, huh? Smoking is cool.

33. She wasn't afraid of an awkward photo op

34. She's got a sick slapshot

35. Ok, not the greatest pitch, but...

36. She can jiitterbug

37. Everything about this picture of her with Tom Cruise and Cher

You keep doing you, Nancy. You keep doing you.

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