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36 Reasons Philadelphia May Be The Weirdest City

Love you, Philly, but you're basically the Florida of the North.

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7. There is a strange obsession with Wawa iced tea:

17. Eagles fans are so rowdy that there was an in-house jail and court inside Veterans Stadium. This is Judge Seamus McCaffery who ruled over Eagles court:


30. The Philly mob had its own softball team.


This 2000 article about how the team led by George Borgesi (acquitted of racketeering just this year!) was rallying after losing many of its best players to jail is probably the best thing you will read all day. Way better than this, at least.

35. The entire city is actually controlled by cats with laser paws. This is 100% factual.

Many citizens of Philadelphia don't even know it's true due to the mind control beams the cats use.

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