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17 Reasons Lakes Are Better Than The Ocean

The ocean beach is full of sand, it takes all day to get there, and you're not even allowed to bring beer. Lakes are so much better.

1. Partying is way better on a lake

2. Lakes are better for chilling with your best bud

3. You can just relax and float for hours

4. Lakes are nature's beer fridge

5. You can drink beer while water skiing on a lake

6. Ocean parking lot:

7. Lake parking lot:

8. Lakes have rope swings

9. Docks rule

10. Jumping off docks rules hard

11. Dogs jumping off docks rules hardest

12. Ocean beach won't let you do anything fun

13. But you can make campfires at the lake

14. Lake wildlife:

15. Ocean wildlife:

Ocean seagulls steal your sunglasses



Aggghhhh WTF!? NOPE

17. Happy summer! Go jump in a lake!