Quiz: What Sexy Halloween Costume Should You Be This Year?

With so many choices, how do you decide? Take this quiz to find out what suits your personality best.

  1. 1. You're going to a Halloween party - where is it at?
    1. A fraternity kegger
    2. A nightclub
    3. Staying home and checking Facebook
    1. Going over to a friend’s place
    2. Swinger party
    3. Getting drunk alone
  2. 2. Who is your sexy style icon?
    1. Scarlett Johanssen
    2. Carrie Underwood
    3. Angela Lansbury
    1. ’90s Drew Barrymore
    2. Ryan Lochte
    3. Beyonce
  3. 3. What kind of Halloween candy do you like best?
    1. Candy corn
    2. Snickers
    3. Blow Pop
    1. Raisinets
    2. Reece’s peanut butter cup
    3. Double Bouble
  4. 4. What movie gives you the shivers?
    1. “Halloween”
    2. “Friday the 13th”
    3. “Krippendorf’s Tribe”
    1. “Titanic”
    2. “The Ring”
    3. “Scary Movie 4”
  5. 5. Who is your ideal Halloween date?
    1. Maru the Cat
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Tom Brady
    1. Freddie Kreuger
    2. A couple of bottles of Yellowtail
    3. Andy Dick
  6. 6. When you go to the beach, you wear:
    1. A tankini
    2. A one piece
    3. Bikini
    1. ’20s swim suit
    2. Full wetsuit
    3. Chinese sunblock facemask
  7. 7. What "Krippendorf's Tribe" cast member do you relate to most?
    1. Richard Dreyfuss
    2. Jenna Elfman
    3. Natasha Lyonne
    1. Lily Tomlin
    2. Stephen Root
    3. Mila Kunis
  8. 8. Which one of these is most like a costume you had as a kid?
    1. Ghost
    2. Pirate
    3. Fairy Princess
    1. Witch
    2. Robot
    3. Cat

Images for costume results from Yandy.com.

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