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Pitbull Is Banished To A Frozen Wasteland, Thanks To Internet Prank

Pitbull will be going to the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska as a result of prankster gaming a contest to win a visit from the rapper. He's making good on his promise, but he wants the guy who arranged the prank him to come along.

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Pitbull Accepts the Challenge:

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Recently, internet wankster David Thorpe, writer for Something Awful and the Boston Phoenix, started a grassroots send rapper Pitbull to a remote Alaskan island by exploiting a Walmart contest. The Walmart contest offered the store location with the most new Facebook "Likes" a visit by Pitbull. Thorpe found a Walmart location in the island of Kodiak, Alaska, and started urging Twitter followers to "Like" it. Currently, the store has over 70,000 Likes, making it the clear winner.

Today, Pitbull released a video saying he's up for the task, and he wants Thorpe (@Arr on Twitter) to come with him.

I spoke with Thorpe over Twitter DM to see if he was up for an Arrtic adventure (see what I did there? Arrtic? lmao, right?). Thrope revealed that details of a free trip to Alaska with Pitbull haven't been finalized, but he's been exchanging emails with Walmart and contest co-sponsor Energy Sheets. Says Thorpe, "I've always wanted to go to Alaska. I'm glad I'l get to do it under the strangest imaginable circumstances."

But in the event of snowstorm trapping him with Pitbull - would he snuggle the Miami rapper for warmth?

Thorpe replied, "It would be barbaric not to. He's a human being and his life is sacred."

I hope you have to snuggle, Arr. I hope you snuggle hard.