Send Pitbull To A Frozen Tundra

For a sponsored contest, Pitbull will perform at the Wal-Mart that gets the most “Likes” on Facebook. A clever prankster is waging a campaign make the Kodiak, Alaska store location the winner.

When writer David Thorpe noticed a press release for a Walmart promotion where the winning town gets a visit from Miami rapper Pitbull, he started campaigning over Twitter for people to vote for the Kodiak, Alaska location. The rules of the contest state that the Walmart location with the most new Facebook “Likes” wins a visit from Pitbull.

Does he live in Kodiak? No. He just wants to send Pitbull to the most remote Walmart location possible, just for fun.

Kodiak is an island off the coast of Alaska with a population of only 6,130. It is unknown how many of those are actual Pitbull fans. You can help send him there!

2. Go to the Kodiak, AK Facebook page and hit “Like”:

“I’m excited to find out which local Walmart store has the most new likes so I can share the experience of using Energy Sheets® with my fans,” said Pitbull.
Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1fdYF)

Now get ready to get COLD, Pitbull!

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Via Twitter: @Arr

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