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    Nice Guys On Okcupid Are The Worst

    A new Tumblr called Nice Guys of OKCupid is doing the much needed work of pointing out the fallacy of the "nice guy".

    If there's one thing I've learned from both life and reality tv (equally, of course), it's that whenever someone proclaims some quality about themselves, it's the opposite. "I'm real," "I don't play games," etc... Of all those, the most likely to be a totally untrue is anyone who laments their status as a "nice guy."

    The "nice guy" myth is a thick brew that mixes the potent elements men's rights advocates, anger at being in the "friend zone", a penchant for fedoras, and posting on Reddit. A new Tumblr called Nice Guys of OKCupid is cataloging these menaces.

    Notice on the same profile where they profess their "niceness" they also reveal their total douchiness? Nice.

    If you're confused, NGOOKC has made this handy chart: