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21 Neighbors You Desperately Don't Want To Live Near

Let's all just move to the woods.

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1. People who do it with the curtains open:

2. These two neighbors who are flirting with each other in the creepiest way

3. This person who is willing to touch dog poop with their hands just for revenge:

4. This guy who likes to listen:

5. The people who are having sex so loud it sounds like a demon:

6. This creepy neighbor who is making suggestions about the noise:

7. Loud fuckers in general:

8. The guy who gave his mother one of those owls to scare off pigeons for Mother's Day:

9. A habitually bad parker:

10. German exhibitionists (sorry Germans):

11. The nosy neighbors who thought a fight was going down next door:

12. People who are a little TOO enthusiastic with their love-making:

13. Pumpkin thieves:

14. Any 5 year old who demands his parking space:

15. "Sillies":

16. But even worse, THIS NEIGHBOR:

17. This guy, whose admirable honesty has gone too far:

18. This guy who doesn't care if his neighbors are elderly, he will equal opportunity murder them:

19. This misguided real estate mogul:

20. Greg. Just Greg. He's the worst.

21. And lastly, these people at Christmas:

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