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    Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on May 29, 2014

    21 Neighbors You Desperately Don't Want To Live Near

    Let's all just move to the woods.

    1. People who do it with the curtains open:

    2. These two neighbors who are flirting with each other in the creepiest way

    3. This person who is willing to touch dog poop with their hands just for revenge:

    4. This guy who likes to listen:

    5. The people who are having sex so loud it sounds like a demon:

    6. This creepy neighbor who is making suggestions about the noise:

    7. Loud fuckers in general:

    8. The guy who gave his mother one of those owls to scare off pigeons for Mother's Day:

    9. A habitually bad parker:

    10. German exhibitionists (sorry Germans):

    11. The nosy neighbors who thought a fight was going down next door:

    12. People who are a little TOO enthusiastic with their love-making:

    13. Pumpkin thieves:

    14. Any 5 year old who demands his parking space:

    15. "Sillies":

    16. But even worse, THIS NEIGHBOR:

    17. This guy, whose admirable honesty has gone too far:

    18. This guy who doesn't care if his neighbors are elderly, he will equal opportunity murder them:

    19. This misguided real estate mogul:

    20. Greg. Just Greg. He's the worst.

    21. And lastly, these people at Christmas: