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    10 Most Surreal Wrestlemania Moments

    Wrestlemania 28 happened last night. It's always been a weird weird night in wrestling; here are the 10 weirdest moments in Wrestlemania history.

    1. Wrestlemania 27: Snooki Wrestles and Is Really Good

    The weirdest thing about Snooki's stint is how good she actually was. She had great mic skills in promos for the match, and her in-ring skills - backflips and all - were pretty impressive for a non-wrestler.

    2. Wrestlemania 13: Drunk Fan Molests Bret Hart

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    Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin take their battle into the crowd. A tipsy fan in a leather jacket runs his fingers through Bret's gorgeous mane, pats Bret on the back, and rubs the referee's head. Fair enough, I'd probably do it too.

    3. Wrestlemania 7: Miss Elizabeth reunites with Macho Man Randy Savage

    One of the most romantic moments in WWE history. After losing a "retirement match", Randy is further beaten by Queen Sherri. Elizabeth emerges from the crowd, after 2 years apart from Randy, and saves him. They're reunited and marry at Summerslam. Take that, "The Notebook". Swooooon.

    4. Wrestlemania 11: Lawrence Taylor Does This to Bam Bam Bigelow

    Why anyone thought a main even with the NLF legend was a great idea, I have no clue. But it's a hilarious footnote in Wrestlemania weird celebrity cameo culture.

    5. WrestleMania 20: Chris Benoit Cries After Winning

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    Benoit seems geniunely overcome with emotion after winning the title match. His friend Eddie Guerrero, who "defected" from the WCW with Benoit, comes into the ring to hug him and cry with him. Benoit later kills himself and his family, and Guerrerr dies of a heart attack at age 38 in a hotel room. In real life.

    6. Wrestlemania 12: Shawn Michael's Zipline Entrance

    The Heartbreak Kid rode down from the rafters of the stadium on a zipline. This was certainly the inspiration for a similar high-flying entrance killed Owen Hart when the wires broke a few years later. In the infamous "Montreal Screw Job" of Bret Hart, Shawn Michael "steals" the promised victory from Bret Hart in his last match with the WWF. The Hart family must hate Shawn Michaels's guts so hard.

    7. Wrestlemania 17: Edge Spears Jeff Hardy in Mid-Air

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    At the time, Edge and Jeff Hardy were doing some of the most innovative wrestling, yet were still always in lower billed matches. This one moment changed a lot for them - in a tag team ladder match, Edge lept off the top of one ladder, spearing Jeff Hardy, who was hanging from the title belt, in mid-air. I remember this moment so clearly, I lost my mind when it happened.

    8. Wrestlemania 24: Kane Tombstones Pete Rose

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    After this, I think Pete Rose has paid his debt for his crimes. The best part is the announcer Jim Ross yelling, "NOO NOOOO! THAT'S PETE ROSE! PETE ROOOOSE!"

    9. Wrestlemania 3: Hulk Hogan Pins Andre the Giant with a Leg Drop

    Wrestlemania III is considered the xenith of 80s wrestling. At the Pontiac Superdome, a crowd of over 90,000 broke attendance records. Aretha Franklin sung the national anthem. Bob Ueker announced. Hogan beat Andre with a leg-drop move. A leg drop, people. A simple leg drop felled Andre the Giant.

    10. Wrestlemania 25: John Cena's Clone Entrance

    Remember when Eminem made a memorable entrance to the MTV Video Music Awards by having an army look-alikes in undershirts flood the theatre? John Cena copied that, but with a bunch of guys in his signature jorts. So many jorts. Jorts. Jorts everywhere. Jorts army.