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    Just When You Thought You Couldn't Love Kylie Minogue More, She Starts Teaching Sex Yoga

    If you like male models working out and doing laundry, well, here's something for you.

    On Wednesday, Kylie Minogue released an official video for her new single, "Sexercize."

    She’s also promoting the single with a weird video made in collaboration with VFILES, the multifaceted online fashion community.

    The video starts with Preston from the VFILES series Model Files doing male model casting for Kylie's new video.

    Preston prepares for the casting as Kylie watches on as an omnipotent Big Brother.

    The male models are doing some line dancing.

    Kylie is not impressed. She needs more.

    Now the models are very sweaty. Except for one of them who is smoking a hookah. Unfair.

    There's this guy with a puppy.

    And this guy chiseling a giant SEX obelisk.

    And a guy doing laundry.

    At the end, we realize... is Preston the guy Kylie has been seeking all along?

    Watch Kylie and VFILES' full "Sexercize" video:

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