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31 Hunks From '90s Bands Then And Now

Some of us had more discerning taste in crushes than the Hanson brothers. But how are these guys holding up today?

1. Anthony Kiedis, The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Who else could get away with a half-ponytail?

Anthony today

Jordan Strauss / Getty Images

Pervstache aside, he looks pretty good, right?

2. Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind

Stephan Jenkins was like the asshole boyfriend with amazing cheekbones of your dreams. He dated Charlize Theron for a bit in the late '90s/early '00s, which is a lot of good looks to wrap your mind around.

Stephan today

Unsurprisingly, still pretty hot, though according to this photo from the Third Eye Blind Instagram, he's swapped pleather blazers for dad shoes. Stephan, you're dangerously close to wearing those toe shoes. I've got my eye on you.

3. Duncan Sheik

Noah Greenberg / Via

The "Barely Breathing" singer was OK, but a little on the cheesy side (although that song is really catchy).

Duncan today

Somehow, he's actually way hotter now, and also a more "serious" artist. In 2006, Sheik wrote the music for the play Spring Awakening, which went on to win a Tony Award.

4. Ed Kowalczyk, Live

Ed kinda looked like Andre Agassiz, but his penchant for shirtlessness and emotional lyrics made him attractive to the thinking teens of the '90s. Kind of a weird-looking dude, but still crushable.

Ed today

OK, the best I can say about Ed is that he looks pretty much the same and hasn't aged much. He left the band Live and then entered a legal battle with the remaining members over the use of the band's name.

5. Dan Wilson, Semisonic

"Closing Time" was catchy as hell, and Dan looked great in glasses.

Dan today (right)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

A little grayer, but he still looks cute in nerdy glasses. Although Semisonic was a one-hit wonder, Dan has had a great career as a writer/producer. He cowrote and produced Adele's "Someone Like You," which he won a Grammy for.

6. Tal Bachman

The name Tal Bachman might not ring a bell, but you'd definitely recognize his song "She's So High." Fun fact: Tal is the son of the Bachman in Bachman-Turner Overdrive and was raised a Mormon.

Tal Bachman today:

Looking pretty good, Tal. In 2011, Talyor Swift invited Tal onstage to perform "She's So High" with her. According to his Facebook, he's really into rugby now and has a questionable haircut.

7. Keith Flint, The Prodigy

OK, so he wasn't exactly the hottest guy ever, but he had a pretty good body (lots of tank tops), and he was definitely a bad boy, which is always attractive. Plus, being British always gives guys, like, 2 extra points.

Keith today

I think he's actually gotten...hotter? The crazy piercings and hair are toned down, and he has that kind of weathered Viggo Mortensen look and seems sort of slimmer and healthy, like when former junkies get really into yoga and wheatgrass and reading.

8. Zach de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine

Lisa Johnson / Via

Zach was what you imagined college guys would be like.

Zach today

Who cares about Zach because LOOK at the bassist's abs in this photo. *faints*

9. Tim Wheeler, Ash

Pasty. Irish. Skinny. Swoon.

Tim today

James Mooney / Via

Yup, would still hit it.

10. Evan Dando, The Lemonheads

The ultimate crush. So dreamy he was voted one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People."

Evan today

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Evan, you will be hot always and forever.

11. Dave Grohl, Nirvana and Foo Fighters

Did anyone else think he was the cute one in Nirvana?

Dave today

Jack Plunkett / AP

He's another one who I think looks better today than he did in 1994. We all know what he looks like now; it's almost more of a shocker to see him so young.

12. Ben Folds, Ben Folds Five

Gilbert Blecken / Via


Ben today

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

A little older and a few more lines on his face, but Ben cleans up nicely in a suit. Apparently, he's dating actress Alicia Witt.

13. Max Collins, Eve 6

Adorable ginger rocker. The group was really young — Max was only 20 years old when their hit single "Inside Out" was released in 1998. He was surprisingly jacked for a rocker, which made him seem like the cutest guy on your high school's soccer team.

Max today:

14. Richard Patrick, Filter and Nine Inch Nails

Richard played guitar in Nine Inch Nails until 1993, when he left to form Filter. Filter was an angry hard rock band with hits like "Hey Man Nice Shot," and then they put out that schmaltzy "Take a Picture" song. But by then Richard didn't have a shaved head and looked pretty cute.

Richard today

He has two young kids and looks hotter now than in the '90s. It seems, just like many of us, he was victim to some bad fashion and hair choices back then. Today, I give you god-tier DILF status, Mr. Patrick.

15. John Wozniak, Marcy Playground

The "Sex and Candy" singer had that boyish cuteness and then this very deep voice, which all made for a very appealing mix.

John today

Flickr: marcyplayground

Ehhhhhhhhh... They can't ALL still be hot, I guess.

16. Gregg Alexander, The New Radicals

This bucket-hatted guy had a hit single with "You Get What You Give" in 1998.

Gregg today

Flickr: 30087170@N00

Gregg left The New Radicals and has had success as a writer and producer for other artists. He wrote the Michelle Branch/Carlos Santana duet "The Game of Love." In 2012, he played with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello during a NATO protest, looking kinda haggard.

17. Johnny Reznik, Goo Goo Dolls

Remember the video for "Iris" that had Meg Ryan in it because it was for the soundtrack for City of Angels? Never has the world seen two such perfect layered and highlighted heads in one three-minute clip.

Johnny today

Jason Kempin/Staff / Getty Images

Something about his face looks...different.

18. Royston Langdon, Spacehog

Kind of a one-hit wonder, Royston is probably more famous for marrying Liv Tyler. They have a son together but divorced in 2008.

Rosyon today

Facebook: spacehogofficial

Still wonky and weird and cute. Spacehog has an album coming out April 16.

19. Robin Wilson, The Gin Blossoms

These guys were a little anonymous looking, but hot dang they had some great hits.

Robin today

No comment.

20. Matthew Sweet

So sweet.

Matthew today:


21. Dave Pirner, Soul Asylum

Mazur / Wireimage

If he's hot enough for Winona Ryder, he's hot enough for the rest of us. Although you sort of knew he'd smell, right?

Dave today

Oh dear, Dave looks like Alison Janney now.

22. Beck Hansen

Oh, Beck: so cute, so talented. So weird when we found out you are a Scientologist.

Beck today

Katy Winn / AP

Seriously, has he not aged at all? Searching for pictures of him, it was nearly impossible to tell if photos were recent or old, because he clearly has some sick pact with Xenu to never age.

23. Richard Ashcroft, The Verve

He was really, really weird looking, but somehow it worked.

Richard today

A little less weird looking now that he has short hair; now he's just handsome.

24. Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

He was such a reluctant hunk.

Eddie today

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Another non-ager. What sick, sick sacrifice did you make, Eddie? Did you trade Ticketmaster prices for the secret of eternal youth?

25. Crispian Mills, Kula Shaker

Crispian was the son of actress Haley Mills (the girl in The Parent Trap) and once said something about how Swastikas weren't a big deal that didn't go over so well. He seemed like a bit of a brat but was undeniably cute.

Crispian today

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images

Though he looks a little like Phil Spector in his wig, Crispian still looks pretty good. Kula Shaker put out a new album in 2010, and he directed the 2012 film A Fantastic Fear of Everything starring Simon Pegg.

26. Chris Cornell, Soundgarden

Such luscious hair, such weird facial hair.

Chris today

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

Looking like a slutty English professor. Well done, Mr. Cornell.

27. Garrett Dutton, G. Love & Special Sauce

You thought G. Love & Special Sauce were sooooo cool, and then when you got a little older you realized this wasn't the case.

G. Love today

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

Yup, still smokin' hot.

28. Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

Dark, brooding. Made a very dirty song become a huge radio hit.

Trent today

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Good grief, sweet Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. He's transcended into immortal DILFitude.

29. Kevin Griffin, Better Than Ezra

Kevin had one of those chiseled faces that made him seem like your friend's older sister's boyfriend who was way out of your league.

Kevin Griffin today

Griffin has acsended to god-tier DILF. His Instagram is full of pics of his adorable kids and his hunky face. Swooon.

30. Brian Vander Ark, The Verve Pipe

Brian's dreamy bleached locks made the kinda upsetting song "The Freshmen" about suicide and abortion seem all OK.

Brian today

Brian lives in Michigan and still records and plays live. Still bone-worthy.

31. Gavin Rossdale, Bush

The hunkiest of the '90s hunks. Peerless in hunkitude.

God. Tier. DILF.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Shut it down. Shut the whole thing down.