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How To Help A Friend Through A Breakup

A survival guide for when your BFF gets dumped.

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So, your friend was dumped. Time for you to spring to action.

Did you secretly hate him because he was a jerk or douche?

If yes, try not to gloat about. You can do that later on:

Make some fancy cupcakes for her (these double as your secret celebration):

Act totally surprised:

Are they one of those couples that always breaks up and gets back together?

If so, just be a good listener and pretend as hard as you can to care this time:

Did he break up with her in a bad way?

"He did WHAT?"

Swing by the discount liquor store and bring over a Franzia:

Did he cheat?

Bastard. Help her brainstorm the perfect revenge:

No time for homebaked goods, grab some Hostess cupcakes:

And you'll need to stock up on supplies, this is going to be a long night.

Important: do NOT let her cut bangs with nail scissors, no matter how badly she wants to:

Was he a nice guy and they're going to stay friends?

Then you can skip the trashing him part and focus on all the other hotties out there:

An elaborately decorated cake is a good gesture:

A bottle of cheap wine should suffice:

Remember: your BFF duties are not done until you're drunk and full of junk food:

Good news! More time for just besties to hang out!

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