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Dog The Bounty Hunter Returns To TV And His Biggest Fan Rejoices

CMT just announced it is making a new show with Dog the Bounty Hunter after his A&E show was cancelled this spring. No one will be more happy about this than Esther Rae, Dog's most obessive Twitter fan.

Posted on reports that the country music channel CMT is working on new show with Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife, Beth.

Dog has a particularly ardent fan following that actively tweets at him, but there's no bigger fan out there than a woman named Esther Rae Knockel, a former substitute teacher and grandmother. Esther uses Twitter nearly exclusively for one purpose: wishing Dog and his family good night. I've been following her for a while, and she's been doing this for at least a year.

Sept 23:

Sept 18:

Sept 13:

Sept 6:

Aug 31:

Aug 5:

She also tweets this to Dog's wife Beth and his son Leland, as well as a few other Chapman family members.

I leave you with a classic Dog moment:

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