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The 38 DILFiest DILFs Of Music

Happy Father's Day, everyone

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1. T.I.

T.I. is like the Jon Gosselin of DILFs but without all the Ed Hardy wear and bad attitude. He and his wife, Tiny, have a reality show about their immense brood. They have three kids together, and he has three kids through previous relationships and a stepdaughter from Tiny.


16. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden

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Grunge DILF. Hello, glasses and sweater, pleased to see you on Chris Cornell. Chris has two kids with his wife Vicky, and a daughter from a previous marriage.


17. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy

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I know, I know, it's a shanda that he and ex-wife Ashlee Simpson named his son Bronx Mowgli. In fact, the whole Ashlee Simpson thing seems regrettable in general, but not more so than his leaked nudes.

But DILFdom a fact, not a judgement. And the fact is, he is a DILF.


21. Robin Thicke

Robin comes from a long line of DILFs, being the son of Alan Thicke who played the dad on Growing Pains (oh come on, admit you would). Robin and his wife, actress Paula Patton, have a son born in 2010.

22. Diplo

The DJ/producer has a 2 year old son with his girlfriend Kathryn. Big deduction of DILF points however due the hints in a 2012 Rolling Stone profile that he cheats on his girlfriend frequently and that she has to hang photos of him around their home so that their son can recognize him.

He's still cute tho.


28. Jon Bon Jovi

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Bon Jovi has been married to his high school sweetheart, Dorothea, since 1989 AWWWWWW. They have four kids, ages 20 through 9. Bon Jovi has clearly made a sick pact with the devil to stay beautiful forever.


35. Nas

Nas is definitely DILFy, but he's had some bad luck with his kids' mothers. His first kid's mother famously had sex with his then-rival Jay-Z, which Jay obviously bragged about in a dis track. Then he filed for divorce from wife Kelis while she was still pregnant.


37. Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Kedo's son is named Everly Bear, which normally I'd hate because I'm not into weird baby names, but it's actually pretty adorable. Carry on.