Definitive List Of Best And Worst Halloween Candy

    No discussion on this. This list is definitive and final. This list goes worst to best.

    31. Fun-size Mounds. Literally barf city.

    30. Mini NECCO Wafer rolls. Terrible, but still a step up from Mounds.

    29. Mike and Ike

    28. Almond Joy. Slightly less bad than Mounds.

    27. Plain Hershey's

    26. Whoppers, blerg

    25. 3 Musketeers

    24. Milky Way: Snickers' boring cousin

    23. Plain M&Ms packet. Ew.

    22. Root Beer Dum Dums. The other flavors aren't even worth mentioning.

    21. Oh Henry!

    20. Fun-size Kit Kat

    19. Milk Duds, preferably (though not necessarily) not all in one big glob

    18. Mr. Goodbar

    17. Twizzlers

    16. Single Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Only downside is that there's just one.

    15. Skittles. Good only because you can use them to trade for something better.

    14. Starburst 2-packs, but only if it's a pink and red

    13. Peanut M&Ms. Way better than plain.

    12. Full-size Snickers

    11. Take 5: Surprisingly good, but who ever sees these other than at Halloween?

    10. Green Apple Blow Pops

    9. Fun-size PayDay

    8. 100 Grand, secretly really good

    7. A contentious treat - Smarties

    6. Charleston Chew

    5. Nerds (any flavors)

    4. Twix

    3. Those surprisingly good foil-wrapped milk chocolate balls

    2. Fun-size Snickers. Better than the full-sized, they have a better choc-to-nuts ratio.

    1. Full-size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The limousine of Halloween candy.