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    10 Competitive Eaters Reveal The One Thing They'd Never Eat

    At Philadelphia's Wing Bowl, one man refuses to eat a dick.

    The Wing Bowl is a chicken wing-eating competition that's been going on in Philadelphia for 23 years. We wanted to know if these masters of gastronomic bravery have any hard limits for their feats of gluttony.

    We asked contestants at the weigh-in the night before the competition, "What would you NEVER eat?"

    1. Molly Schuyler, the winner of last year's bowl, said, "If there's money, I'll eat it." She also wrote, "I got boobs this year!"

    Here's Molly in the thick of competition. She came in second place this year.

    2. Moe Train will NOT eat shit.

    3. This is El Clownador. He was super nice but his outfit was honestly one of the most disturbing I've ever seen in my life.

    4. No mayo for this guy.

    5. I'm not sure if you can see this, but Santa's elf is in a diaper. Santa ate only 10 hot dogs to qualify, a small feat, but the judges liked his theatrical entourage enough to let him in. He threw raw hot dogs to the crowd when he entered the arena.

    6. As soon as I asked Animal Cannibal what he'd never eat, he immediately yelled "A DICK!" No hesitation at all.

    7. Skin and Bones would not eat fried bull testicles (also known as Rocky Mountain oysters).

    8. The Notorious B.O.B. made it to the end and was one of the most encouraging and kind eaters, hugging his fellow contestants. He doesn't like beets though.

    Here's Notorious B.O.B. in action. He came in third place overall, and won the local competition.

    9. Love Handles does not like lima beans.

    10. Gravy Brown demolished 219 wings (he came in fifth place), and his answer means a true waste of talent.

    Sorry, ladies.

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