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    21 Chinese Signs That Actually Speak The Truth

    Sometimes in a mistranslation, what we really mean to say slips out.

    1. This sign that warns you, that yes, you are going to fall on your ass, just do it carefully.

    2. This refreshing revelation that poetry is just a bunch of nonsense anyway.

    3. The fact that there's dancing around who is eating this instant ramen.

    4. This hospital that says exactly what a gynecologist does.

    5. This washing machine that knows you're going to get a very certain kind of stain on your clothes.

    6. The hotel's guidelines that get straight to the point about the rules.

    7. Underwear that is 100% clear about who the person who uses this size is.

    8. This kid's shirt that isn't afraid to show who he's looking for in a relationship.

    9. Finally, a shirt that addresses the fact the Ninja Turtles were abandoned at birth.

    10. And this jacket that addresses what we've all been thinking behind Italy's back.

    11. A shirt that finally admits no one cares about rugby.

    12. This store that tells you what will happen to you if you eat its junk food.

    13. Yes, this is actually what you want to be smelling.

    14. This sunglasses company who is not shy about who their mascot is.

    15. This billboard that shows no one cares about Windows anyway.

    16. Guess what flavor this lamb is going to be? Motherfucking onion-y. Self-explanatory.

    17. Sometimes you just need some horny care. Who doesn't?

    18. A sign that lets you do whatever you want.

    19. This shirt that isn't afraid to flaunt it if you've got it.

    20. I don't know what this is, but it looks delicious and I would totally eat homos with meat.

    21. This textbook that describes what the heck dinosaurs actually are.

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