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Mormon Pageant: Fab Or Drab?

Fabness and drabness coexisted peacefully at the 75th Hill Cumorah Pageant, where 750 Mormons acted out the Book of Mormon.

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This weekend, BuzzFeed checked out the Hill Cumorah Pageant, an annual elaborate stage show where a huge cast of amateurs act out the story of the Book of Mormon. It all takes place outside Rochester, NY, on the exact hill (which is incredibly steep, making for a great stage) where, in the 1820s, Joseph Smith discovered the tablets that comprise the Book of Mormon text.

Thousands of people attend from all over the country and the world to see the show, which has production values to rival any Broadway show.

Let's see who was Fab and who was Drab.


Drab: fake fur

A "New World" woman. The Book of Mormon follows a group of people who came from Jerusalem to the Americas. The Jerusalem characters' costumes look like traditional biblical art depictions of the Old Testament, costumes for the New World characters are Aztec/Mayan American influenced.


Fab: Salt potatoes

Salt potatoes, I learned, are a region delicacy in Rochester and Syracuse. They're small potatoes boiled in extremely salty water, then covered in melted butter. They were sold in the food tent.

Fab: this guy

This guy plays Mormon, the last of his people, who writes their story onto gold plates and has his son bury the plates. The plates are later discovered by Smith and is called the Book of Mormon, because he wrote it.

Drab: people protesting Mormons outside the Pageant

Evangelical Christians showed up at the entrance gates with signs and pamphlets with their message that the Book of Mormon is false. They told me their numbers were smaller than usual, because some of their crew had to go protest a gay pride parade in Rochester that same Saturday.