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    Bodybuilders Against Tipping Is The Best Fake Movement Sweeping Facebook

    These swole brahs are taking down the pointless tip economy one receipt at a time.

    Bodybuilders Against Tipping is a Facebook page where muscle men can get together to swap stories about not leaving tips at restaurants. It's fake (of course), and it's hilarious.

    They post photos of receipts with no tips and a story to go along. The reason here for no tipping was the server refused to spot the bodybuilder when lifting beer kegs:

    "Awesome night out at Texas a great chest pump while eating there, I'll explain.

    I forgot I was wearing my tank top ( Ha ha jk, but not to show off ) and the girls working were begging to see me in action. I seriously refused until the whole right section of the roadhouse was cheering me on, so had no choice. They had 2 of these huge beer kegs in the back. I'm not an expert on weight but I can guarantee you they were at least 175 pounds, so 400 together. So I'm laying on the broiler and I repped out at least 16 deep presses, while the waitresses are feeling my calves haha gotta love it. I could tell the guy who was my server was pissed and can only imagine his anger when he checked my receipt. Just another night out as a wealthy bodybuilder.

    #NOTIPS #lightweight #noSPOTnoTIPS"

    #ServerSuicides #MoreMayo #MoreKetchup #MoreRelish #MoreOnionRings #MoreMustard #CokeRefill #AnotherMoistTowelette"

    "Today I was driving shirtless around in the beater today (miata's in the shop) and I always love to pass this CrossFit gym. I see these little guys outside trying to do pull-ups, so I always yell profanities at them. haha its funny because when I do they always retreat back inside. Thats what happens when you lift to be strong, anyway just finished a solid meal at Red Robin ordering a plain burger but didn't add condiments until after it was served. Had the server running back and forth like he was doing basketball suicides. When he brought the check, his shirt was soaked in sweat. For a tip, I told him the address to the Crossfit gym LMAO irony huh? #ServerSuicides #MoreMayo #MoreKetchup #MoreRelish #MoreOnionRings #MoreMustard #CokeRefill #AnotherMoistTowelette"

    "Tip line art" at the Golden Corral:

    "Grabbed a quick post workout lunch at Golden Corral where I stumbled upon a new form of art. I call it “Tip Line Art” (similar to Latte Art) where you can make unique designs on the tip line since I never put anything on their anyway. Here is a SICK tribal design with Japanese writing that says “A shredded warrior does not concern himself with the opinion of servers” I’ll be selling these rare and exclusive pieces on ebay with 100% of the proceeds going towards me eating out and not tipping. You should have seen the look on the servers face. I don’t know if it was the art or me doing one armed push ups underneath the chalkolate fondue fountain. #Rare #Art #PushUps #StayGolden"

    The angry comments from people who think the page is real are priceless:

    Carry on, bodybuilders.

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