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    20 Weird Associations You Didn't Know Existed

    Just think -- there are thousands of people who belong to these.

    1. Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement


    2. The Association for Gravestone Studies

    3. Association for Renaissance Martial Arts

    4. Association for Positive Behavior Support


    5. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

    6. The National Association for Self-Esteem

    7. The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor


    8. The Association for Professional Basketball Research


    9. The International Association for Bear Research and Management

    10. Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction


    11. Association for Astrological Networking


    Yes, it's for astrologists, as in psychics and fortune-tellers. Not scientists who study stars.

    12. Association for Christian Retail

    13. Association of Camp Nurses

    14. The Organization for the Working Samoyed

    15. Association for the Preservation of the Coelacanth

    16. World Association of Dectives

    17. National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

    18. International Association of Youth Hypnotists

    19. American Association of Candy Technologists

    20. The Association for Dressings & Sauces