20 People You’ll Only Meet At ROFLcon

ROFLcon is a convention where people get together and talk about internet laughs. Here’s who I met:

1. Antoine Dodson:

2. The Double Rainbow guy chatting up the ladies:

3. The guy who drew the “me gusta” face, standing in front of his chalk drawing:

4. “Huh” Guy checking his phone:

5. Inventor of Nyan Cat signing a babe’s shirt:

6. This guy was blasting “Never Gonna Give You Up” and dancing all day:

7. This guy burped so loudly during a panel that the speakers, sitting 100 ft away, stopped talking:

8. Mt. Mememore:

9. New Hampshire Gubernatorial candidate Vermin Supreme:

10. Tourists who happened to walk by taking photos of Vermin Supreme:

11. Vegan Black Metal Chef:

12. A guy with a message:

14. Lonely Tron guy:

15. Goth guy who whipped out a condom when I asked to take his photo. Ambitious:

16. Yet another guy in a top hat (Internet historian Jason Scott of TEXTFILES.COM):

17. Chuck “Nope” Testa holding a LIVE dog (RIP doggy):

18. Scumbag Steve and friend:

19. Keyboard Cat doll locked up in a glass box:

20. A bunch of nerds listening to a talk about copyright law:

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