19 Trees Totally Sucking On Things

    Exactly what it sounds like. Thank you r/TreeSuckingOnThings for existing, for whatever reason you exist.

    1. Just a tree sucking on a fence post knob.

    2. A sucking 3-way on a guardrail

    3. Sucking on some ice skates.

    4. A tree suckin' on another tree.

    5. Slurpin' on a rock.

    6. Sucking up a pole.

    7. Sucking up a sign because FUCK THE RULES.

    8. Gobbling up a rock.

    9. Sucking another rock. Trees love 2 suck rock.

    10. Engulfing a headstone.

    11. Double bike sucking.

    12. Totally deep-throating a bench.

    13. Sucking a post office sign because FUCK THE USPS (jk I'm really sorry I love you, postal service please don't mess up my mail)

    14. Sucking on it's felow tree buddy like the forest is a goddam glory hole.

    15. Chugging down a camera.

    16. Sensually nibbling on a railing.

    17. Going to town on this pole.

    18. Sucking a metal stick ever so gently.

    19. Full-on rail sucking.

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