18 Graphs That Show What The New York Times Talks About

    This cool new tool graphs what words the paper's been talking about since 1851.

    The New York Times just launched a cool data tool called Chronicle that graphs mentions of words and phrases over time. It's a fascinating look at what the paper and the country cared about since 1851. Try it out! It's awesome.

    Here's a few we checked out:

    1. Cat vs. Dog

    2. Billionaire vs. Millionaire

    3. Kale vs. Avocado vs. Quinoa

    4. War vs. Peace

    5. Staten Island vs. Queens vs. Manhattan vs. Brooklyn vs. Bronx

    6. Boomers vs. Millennials

    7. Yuppies vs. Hipsters

    8. Wal-Mart vs. Amazon

    9. Harvard vs. Princeton vs. Yale vs. Stanford

    10. Stupid vs. Ugly

    11. Alcohol vs. Drugs. vs. Tobacco

    12. Marijuana vs. Heroin vs. Cocaine

    13. Muslim vs. Moslem

    14. Opera vs. Hip-hop

    15. Los Angeles vs. Chicago vs. Boston vs. San Francisco

    16. The U.S. presidents since Kennedy

    17. Saddam vs. Hitler

    18. Bieber vs. Hitler

    Keep trying, Justin.

    The Saddam vs. Hitler chart previous misstated the comparison between the two names. The graph (and all the others here) show the percentage of total articles mentioning the names, not the total number of mentions.