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14 Other Things Moms Do When You're Way Too Old

The latest cover of Time stirs up the debate about how old is the right age to stop breastfeeding. But moms are always doing things for us when we're way too old for it, and sometimes it's our own dang fault.

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1. Doing the bag of dirty laundry we brought home for Thanksgiving

2. Putting a note in your lunch... in high school

3. Knocking on the bathroom door and asking if you need "help" if you're in there for more than 3 minutes

4. Getting you a stuffed animal after you're in middle school

5. Buying your underwear for you in college

6. Trying to dance *shudder* with you at family functions

7. Trying to coordinate outfits with you

8. Making you pose with strangers for embarrassing photos

9. Throwing a birthday party for you with balloons and cake when you're a BIG GIRL NOW

10. Cleaning your room for you

11. Trying to hang out with your friends

12. Complaining that she just wants a nice NORMAL photo of you where you don't make a silly face

13. Kissing you goodbye in front of your friends

14. Worrying you're not wearing a warm enough jacket in your 30s

Just kidding, moms! We love you and please don't stop doing all that crazy stuff you do for us (especially our laundry).

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