13 Tips To Help You Stop Procrastinating

Having trouble focusing? Just follow these 13 tips and you’ll be a master of time-management in no time!

1. 1. Do NOT Spend Time Looking for the Cat in this Photo (He’s There, Though)

2. 2. Only Watch Half of This Video of a Slow Loris Being Tickled

No matter how badly you want to, stop yourself from watching this halfway through. This will require the resolve and discipline of a monk.

3. 3. Do NOT Play the Cat Trap Game

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4. 4. Watch This Condensed Version of the Ninja Cat

A whole 20 seconds have been edited out, saving you precious time to get your work done!

9. 6. Do NOT Watch this Video of Foxes Jumping on a Trampoline

10. 8. Do NOT Google Your 7th Grade Crush

Don’t look on Facebook, don’t Google his/her name, don’t. I’ll save you the trouble: he/she is ugly and/or married now.

11. 9. Stop Looking at these Dogs in Costumes

16. 10. Do NOT Watch All 7 Parts of this Hilariously Crazy Review of “The Phantom Menace”

Ok, maybe just watch the first one.

17. 11. Stop Wondering “What’s Up with Bronies?”

Just let it go. Breathe. Don’t think about it.

19. ….and Definitely Don’t Start Reading the “Brony Confessions” Tumblr

20. 12. Stop Looking for the Photobomber in these Photos

29. 13. Resist the Urge to Get a Snack from the Fridge

Seriously. I know you’re getting up to go to the fridge. But you’ve got so much work to do!

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