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13 Signs You Are Reading This Post


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3. You are using a web browser application on your computer, tablet, or mobile device

You might be using any of of these! Except I guess not Netscape because that doesn't exist anymore, and frankly I have no idea what some of these are.


4. However, if you are on an iOS or Android mobile device or tablet, you MAY be using the BuzzFeed app.

Don't have it yet? Get it for iPhone or Android and use it to customize your BuzzFeed feed for maximun buzzing fun and enjoyment!


10. Your mind is completely engaged and focused. You are starting to feel fairly certain that, yes, you are indeed reading this post. All signs point toward it. Your powers of deduction are tingling.

11. The certainty that you are reading this post is shining clearly through the dim fog of the internet. A light of all those who had read this post before you, calling out to you, asking you to join them.

13. Yes. It is true. You ARE reading this post. This is your only reality. All other versions of this moment are discarded drafts. This post has been fated to you, and you to this post. Welcome to the rest of your life.

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